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Mirror Mirror,What do I see? | 2018 AIVA国际视觉艺术教育毕业展

 开幕 / Private Show 

2018.6.6  19:00-21:00


 展期 / Duration 


Mon-Sat 10:00-17:00




5F,688,Shaanxi Rd North,Shanghai

参观免费 Free Admission




2018 AIVA国际视觉艺术教育毕业展将展出来自艺术与设计不同学科的本科预科与研究生预科学生超过50件作品,横跨7大专业。通过森罗万象的表达方式呈现包括首饰设计、视觉传达、室内设计、服装设计、设计管理与产品设计等专业的诸多作品。自6月6日至9月15日,AIVA将对热爱艺术与设计的公众开放这段创意之旅。

更多作品与学校信息,请移步我们在线展览‘On Show(onshow.aiva.com.cn)’与学校官网(aiva.com.cn)。

Established in, AIVA (Academy of International Visual Arts Shanghai) is committed to support young talents, to prepare and encourage their creative journey and artistic life ahead. 2018 is special, a fruitful and transforming year for us. We are relocated with blessing, and we continue to grow with our vision of an educational platform for interdisciplinary art and design practices.

Here is our new home, a place of relationship. It is full, filled with passion, imaginations, critical thinking and stimulated discussions; it is free, with no boundaries. Our walls are indicative, temporary, not for division but for connection. They are made with glass or mirrors, transparent, reflective and sophisticated, so that the space can be extended beyond the interior and be redefined by what are being revealed – inspired minds, the process of innovative development, the provisional nature of knowledge, and ultimately, our curiosities of the unknown.

The AIVA Summer Show 2018, Mirror, Mirror, What Do I See?, presents more than 50 pieces of work produced by our Pre-BA and Pre- MA students across a variety of art and design subjects, including jewellery art, visual communication, interior design, fashion, design management and product design, through a wide range of technical approaches and media. From 7th June to 15th September, it opens to the public and invites everyone who loves art and design and particularly those who are prepared to join such a creative journey.

For further information, please visit www.onshow.aiva.com.cn.


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在夏夜傍晚,邀请您一起参与这场来自设计新生力量的Mirror Mirror Party!