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AIVA Students Portfolio Gallery
  • 王懿杨 室内设计 本科预科


    Interior Design
  • 《The library》


    Interior Design
  • 7x7x7房子


    Interior Design
  • Cat House

    MengLing王梦玲interior design decides the quality of people’s lives and the productivity of their work by the way of space arrangement. My works focus on the interaction between inhabitants and their living environment....

    Interior Design
  • Tree House

    James郭子舟The inspiration of Tree House came from the idea how to build a unit of tree houses for tourists when I visited the Tai Lake Wetland of my hometown located in Jiang Su Province. ...

    Interior Design
  • Street Music Hall 街头音乐厅 2014

    Tracy 刘轩羽 I designed a space which can be used as an unplugged amplifier. It also provides a comfortable and private environment for the performers. ...

    Interior Design