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Beauty of transient



Pre-BA Fine Art







I died in 2017.

Like everyone else,

I died of the government system, died of the people and died of love.

On the day that I died,

The media scrambled to report my death.

There was no war today.


 我的作品的名字是《它不会改变》。我把一个房间放满了中国的政治标语。人们对这个空间给出了各种各样的答案。 但是对我而言,这些标语代表了“体制”,并时刻被它们包围。我们总有一种幻想,觉得高墙之外就会有自由。

 The name of the work is “It won’t change”. I created a space full of Chinese political slogans. People have given a variety of answers to this space. However, I think these slogans represent the systems that are always surrounded by them. We still have a fantasy that there would be freedom outside the wall.

但是哪怕到了大陆对岸,到了任何国家,体制的阴影还是会映在我们身上。 有时我会觉得绝望和忧伤。 但是,正是因为有这种外界的压力,艺术家才能创造出有深度的作品。

The shadow of the system would still be reflected on us even we get to the other side of the mainland or to the overseas. Sometimes I feel desperate and sad. Nevertheless, it is because of this outside pressure, an artist could create insightful works.

 有一些人因为愤怒,或想逃避,创造出一个自由的乌托邦。 但这种不负责任的乌托邦带给我们的却是更多的束缚---世界上最大的乌托邦已经在1991年失败了。

Some people want to create a free utopia because of anger or urge to escape. However the irresponsible utopia brings us more bondage---the world's largest utopia has failed in 1991.


If I really hope to get or change something, I would like to find my true love. The warm girl can bring us more than the red slogans.


  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

  • Motherhood母爱

    Han Yifei 韩逸飞 I wish my work could be understood and appreciated by others, and to evoke empathy in some cases. ...

  • 机械迷城


  • HIDE

    Becca高佳琪to obtain a new visual effect, I decided to use three-dimensional way to present two-dimensional patterns. This time, I made the picture book for 2-4-year old children. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Tension躁动

    Chloe 陈舒雯 From my point of view, jewellery is not only a decoration which can represent personality. My jewellery collection expresses the special relationship about our body and even inside....

  • Relaxation

    Eva郭怡 Relaxation collection gives the wearers sense of relaxation. She used wood as primary material, which was influenced by traditional Chinese medicine tool and theory, such as cupping...

  • 宋之然平面设计作品集


    portfolioGraphic design
  • Puzzle 拼图 2013

    Guan Jie关杰 I create jewellery and objects that resemble my childhood memory: playing with marbles, jigsaw puzzles, drawing and painting, and my obsession with robots. ...

  • Distance 距离

    Fang Hui 方卉 The inspiration of my work comes from my own experience. I infused my real feelings, stories, and emotions through different forms and materials in my jewellery, and wish to communicate them to viewers and wearers. ...

  • 保健产品在中国市场的品牌与产品开发策略研究


    Design Management
  • Disney Cookies 迪斯尼甜点 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟 These are cookies made by the Disney Company, Each of them have Disney’s logo on the back, When one thinks of the land Disney claims on the countryside of Shanghai, perhaps this is a reason to explain Disney’s big appetite....

    Fine Art
  • Growth 成长

    Di Shiqi 狄诗琦 I think static and unchangeable objects are unexciting. People often ask me why I am inspired by toys to make jewellery pieces? I wish my jewellery could be playful and enjoyable as children’s toys....

  • Cat House

    MengLing王梦玲interior design decides the quality of people’s lives and the productivity of their work by the way of space arrangement. My works focus on the interaction between inhabitants and their living environment....

    Interior Design
  • Food waste 食物浪费 2014

    Amber 盛怡 My work is about food waste. Most people around me always waste food and I regret to see so much food being thrown away. I created a stop-motion animation targeting college students aged 18 to 24 years old, in order to campaign against food wast...

    Visual Communication
  • Shanghai Series 上海系列 2011

    In my opinion, there are too many high-rise buildings in Shanghai. Sometimes, I get the impression that the number of skyscrapers has exceeded the level of public tolerance. In some cases, those buildings can be a real threat to city living, since they ca...

    Visual Communication
  • Be with you 伴 Covertures 护 2014

    Penny 彭昱冰 I am inspired by the unique characteristics and aesthetics of sea anemone, and often imagine the mysterious and tranquil lives under the sea. I create my jewellery collection with shapes and colours that resembles the enchanted beings...

  • Bless on the street corner 街角的祝福 2014

    Leaky 陈力祺 “One could have many pets in a lifetime, but a pet may only have one owner.” Through my video I wish to bring public attention and awareness to the issues of stray animals, in order to initiate discussion, movement and action on how to protect t...

    Visual Communication
  • 0910 Shanghai Bus 0910上海巴士 2010

    ZHOU Jiaqi 周家琦 Along with the development of Shanghai metro networks, bus networks will be changed subsequently. Short distant metro linking lines will probably be the trend of Shanghai bus lines in the future. 0910 is designed for this trend....

    Product Design
  • Weird Creatures

    Caroline田梦菁every tiny little thing can be a good resource for contemporary jewellery design. The concepts of my works come from life and serves for life, which also might become part of the audience’s body one day....

  • The dreams of my memory 别梦依稀 2014

    Isebella 夏星鹭 I’m a storyteller. Through my work, I want to tell what I saw and what I felt. My work is about my childhood memories, and things that have been lost in the past: a tree in the courtyard, window patterns, scented flowers, drying racks. ...

  • Indigo蓝染

    Yang Guang 杨光,I have researched the traditional craft of ‘indigo’, which is still being practiced in small areas. After experiencing different methods of indigo, I have come to realize its appeal and attraction, and produced interesting indigo p...

  • 余雨薇珠宝设计作品集


  • 上海野生动物园的视觉系统


    Visual Communication
  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 墙上的魔镜 2010

    CHEN Junyi 陈骏一 I am working with the imagery of fireworks and mirrors in my piece. By doing so, I try to express that although there are a lot of things going on in a person’s life, it is still important to remember who one is. ...

  • Inside out

    Mia李刘泓 In my opinion, jewellery is a wearable sculpture, so up to now I emphasize on structure and wearability about all the works....

  • Memento 述 2014

    Betty 曲晓帆 The inspiration of my work is often associated with my own experiences and observations. And I hope that I can share this kind of feeling with public. ...

  • Departure and Beyond 启程以后2013

    Li Bojun李伯钧 I experimented with packthread to discover various forms, colors and shapes that resembles emotions, relationships and memories associated with traveling....

  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • Sound Wave


  • 《Surreal but Real》《Satellite Collection》


    Graphic design
  • Waste Sorting Q&A 垃圾分类Q&A 2010

    GAN Tiantian 甘田田 Waste Sorting Q&A is a small book of propaganda on the waste classification. The original idea of it is use the story form.Science knowledge will be reflected in the story....

    Visual Communication
  • City!City? 城市 2012

    CHEN Siyu 陈思宇 In my work I want to express the rapid development of society. Urban construction is developing faster and faster and as a consequence, people in the cities appear to be losing themselves....

    Moving Image