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《Wear Me》

Zhang Beibei 张贝贝

Pre-MA Luxury Jewellery Management


My parents have higher exaptation for me, such like mathematician or teacher, which makes me queried my own future. In the previous career experience, I realized that I could be good at marketing analysis. So, I decided to change my career to international jeweler business, after I graduated from jewellery design and got the Gem-A ceritification. I think this is a good time to use my management skills to run my own business.




  • Motherhood母爱

    Han Yifei 韩逸飞 I wish my work could be understood and appreciated by others, and to evoke empathy in some cases. ...

  • Mold 霉 2012

    BAO Yangyi 鲍杨艺 I explore these natural forms by experimenting with different materials such as balloons, nail varnish and glass. I use glass to emulate laboratory equipment such as Petri dishes as they are originally used to cultivate bacteria and fungi....

  • Inside out

    Joanna徐诗佳 I use black which is my favourite colour as the main colour of most of my works. The topics and the concepts of my projects are quite different. ...

  • Return 回归 2012

    Yang Qiuyu杨秋羽There is a poem that was written in the Tang Dynasty that described my hometown Huzhou. In the poem ‘A Fisherman’s Song’ it is written ‘‘In front of western hills white egrets fly up and down, in peach mirrored streams mandarin fish are fully...

  • Unconsciously & Mr. Happy


  • 《Colour》《Rain》


  • My Name-Wen 我的名字-文 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟The first word of my last name is “wen”, My father gave me this name because he hoped I would turn into an intelligent person to solve my own problem in life. ...

    Fine Art
  • 刘心璇MA建筑设计作品集


    portfolioArchitectural design
  • Perception感知

    Wang Tianyi 王天怡My inspiration often comes from everyday life and emotions. People’s social behavior such as interactions with strangers on the subway, memories and feelings of a place, even lifeless object’s pain and sorrow...

  • The Journey of Finding Love寻爱的旅程

    Mo Wenyuan莫文苑I have transformed the book titled ‘The Journey of Finding Love’ into a three-dimensional pop-up book. I hope that readers would forget about their sorrows through my uplifting illustrations and playful interactions. ...

  • 发光的亚克力首饰


  • A Stick of Incense(一柱香)


    Product Design
  • 《Surreal but Real》《Satellite Collection》


    Graphic design
  • The Tenon of Love

    Brigitte王碧漪 Most of my design inspirations come from my life experience and historical background. By making narrative jewellery, I would like to recall the details of people’s lives which are forgotten little by little....

  • Growing丛生

    Liang Zhixuan 梁芷瑄I used felt, fabric and metal to express emotions and relationships. The softness of felt and fabric, combined with the sharp edges of metals show the contrast and harmony, together with the abstract forms and shapes...

  • 上海野生动物园的视觉系统


    Visual Communication
  • City!City? 城市 2012

    CHEN Siyu 陈思宇 In my work I want to express the rapid development of society. Urban construction is developing faster and faster and as a consequence, people in the cities appear to be losing themselves....

    Moving Image
  • Parasite 寄生虫 2012

    YANG Ziyi 杨子易 My work is inspired by parasites and the way they attach to their host. The creatures that I create are constantly in search for a new host to survive. ...

  • This is me 这是我 2014

    Jane 王思瑾 The combination of bramble and mimosa the sensitive plant, symbolizes my past as a person who is overly sensitive and defensive.I experimented with different scales of the basic circle, repeating it over and over to create a three-dimensional scu...

  • Departure and Beyond 启程以后2013

    Li Bojun李伯钧 I experimented with packthread to discover various forms, colors and shapes that resembles emotions, relationships and memories associated with traveling....

  • 《Wear Me》

    Zhang Hongfan 张洪:首饰是我的身体,情感甚至是我思维的衍生物,也是一种与观众分享和交流的方式。我的灵感来源于个人兴趣,就是在不可思议的游戏中获得不可预知的结果和惊喜。...

  • Camouflage 保护色 2014

    Charlotte 陈雪飞 The concept of my work is camouflage. I was keen on searching the traces of animals and insects that can make themselves invisible in certain circumstances such as on leaves, in trees and under water, in order to hide from their natural pred...

  • 公主


  • Intelligent Jewelry智能首饰市场研究


    Design Management
  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • Vintage 摩登时光 2014

    Joanna 毛斯琪My work is about old memories. Duolun Road is a historical road located in Shanghai, and provided me with many inspirations. I combined copper pieces and old books to make my work and brought people back to the good old days....

  • Personal VI

    Dragon丁浩龙The study of brand becomes the inspiration and the basic literacy for me to create a personal brand. As for a light-food brand, I hope to give consumers a comfortable brand image. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Shanghai Series 上海系列 2011

    In my opinion, there are too many high-rise buildings in Shanghai. Sometimes, I get the impression that the number of skyscrapers has exceeded the level of public tolerance. In some cases, those buildings can be a real threat to city living, since they ca...

    Visual Communication
  • Be with you 伴 Covertures 护 2014

    Penny 彭昱冰 I am inspired by the unique characteristics and aesthetics of sea anemone, and often imagine the mysterious and tranquil lives under the sea. I create my jewellery collection with shapes and colours that resembles the enchanted beings...

  • Bamboo Tea Package Design 竹茶包装 2012

    SHEN Fanqi 沈梵琪 I like drinking tea especially bamboo tea and have designed some packaging for this product. I wanted to market my product to younger people. I think that my generation is more concerned with environmental issues, therefore, I decided to ma...

    Visual Communication
  • The Best Gift for Our Childhood 致童年最好的礼物 2012

    XING Yiyin 邢译尹 I designed the packaging for the work of jewellery designer Zhang Qian. Her work is about her childhood memories of blowing bubbles....

    Visual Communication
  • Gap

    Rachel刘蔚琪 I am really interested in the possibly generated relationship during the geometry, human and jewellery. I am also into designing some tiny deformation and fragmentary beauty on the jewellery, and make them become a highlight of it....