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《Depression》《Victorian Era》

Zhan Xiaoxian 詹筱娴

Foundation Jewellery


To me, jewellery is a way to express my inner thoughts. I think it is always hard to describe the felling of sense, but jewellery is a good way to make your feeling become something realistic. 

Splitting, tearing, lesion and hidden, these words filled my brain in these two months. I suppose that sometimes life is worse than death. My face got an inflammation because of the tearing wounds, which stimulated my sensory nerves and made me feel that I had no chance of recovery. 

So, my first collection <Lesion> was inspired by a girl who has the same skin disease and wants to hide it with foundation as me. When she wiped off part of her makeup with a paper towel, I thought about: “Underneath the beautiful skin lies the immeasurable evil.” So, I melt acrylic to Imitate the decay of the skin and letting people face their true appearance.

The second series <Cells> was developed from the first project. In order to be better distinguished and studied, cancer cells under a microscope are highlighted in bright colours. It is very beautiful when it is seen by the audience. They are waiting for an opportunity to become cancerous. When I first learned about the little cells from books as a child, I started to fantasize the body is the big world where these small cells exist.



’分裂’、’撕裂’、‘病变’、’隐藏’,这几个词汇在这两个月里常常的在我的脑海中萦绕。我想有时候生命本身是比死亡更加可怕的。我的脸因为撕裂的伤口而感染,这让我感觉到神经的疼痛,我一度觉得自己不会康复了。因此,我的第一个系列’Lesion’是以一个跟我有同样皮肤疾病的女孩为灵感的,她努力的试图用粉底来遮盖自己的瑕疵。而当她卸下妆容的伪装时,我的脑海里只想到一句话’ 美丽的皮囊下,隐藏着的是无比的邪恶’,所以我用融化了的亚克力来表示人们衰老的皮肤,并想让人们通过这个作品直面真实的自己。



  • 《Re-born》《Precious》《Original》


  • I am Saury 秋刀鱼不是故意的 2011

    LIN Weiwei 林薇薇Inspired by the disasters in Japan this year, I combined the legend of the Little Mermaid with the results of nuclear radiation. I think that maybe in the real world, mermaids are just fishes, being mutated by radiation. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Waltz 华尔兹 2013

    Zhu Tailong 朱泰龙 A single note isn’t interesting, but after creating and forming into chords and melodies, it becomes music. Similarly, one piece of metal may not be appealing nor beautiful, but after manipulation and combining several pieces toge...

  • X-Ray X光 2014

    Crystal 黄馨瑶 This series used X-ray film and resin as materials. The metal frame represents a seemingly perfect body when viewed from the outside; and the X-ray film represents the inside condition of the body and people could see the internal organs....

  • Tension躁动

    Chloe 陈舒雯 From my point of view, jewellery is not only a decoration which can represent personality. My jewellery collection expresses the special relationship about our body and even inside....

  • 0910 Shanghai Bus 0910上海巴士 2010

    ZHOU Jiaqi 周家琦 Along with the development of Shanghai metro networks, bus networks will be changed subsequently. Short distant metro linking lines will probably be the trend of Shanghai bus lines in the future. 0910 is designed for this trend....

    Product Design
  • 新的奢侈品牌开发,定制珠宝服务

    Qiu Shiwei 裘世玮:我的主要研究核心是“新的奢侈品牌开发,定制珠宝服务”。调研的整个研究过程基于我对奢侈品和珠宝行业的理解,以及基于大量的基础研究数据,问卷和访谈数据。...

  • The dreams of my memory 别梦依稀 2014

    Isebella 夏星鹭 I’m a storyteller. Through my work, I want to tell what I saw and what I felt. My work is about my childhood memories, and things that have been lost in the past: a tree in the courtyard, window patterns, scented flowers, drying racks. ...

  • Mend The Gap 修补差距 2013

    Xu LuoJun许罗君 My desire to investigate the boundaries between repulsion and attraction has led me to use woven textiles mending broken daily objects, and provide them with strong new life. Thus the series is entitled “Mend the Gap.”...

  • Decency风化

    Wang Zhecong 王哲聪My inspiration mainly comes from nature: astrological orders, botanical growing patterns, rock erosions and so on. These natural phenomena bring me an alternative point of view to the world around us, and I realized how amazingly d...

  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

  • Be with you 伴 Covertures 护 2014

    Penny 彭昱冰 I am inspired by the unique characteristics and aesthetics of sea anemone, and often imagine the mysterious and tranquil lives under the sea. I create my jewellery collection with shapes and colours that resembles the enchanted beings...

  • 霓虹灯主题的字体设计

    Zheng Zhiyin 郑智引:我认为我已经可以用视觉的形式去传递我的理念并通过这种形式让观者节省掉阅读的时间,从而更高效的获取资讯。...

    Visual Communication
  • City!City? 城市 2012

    CHEN Siyu 陈思宇 In my work I want to express the rapid development of society. Urban construction is developing faster and faster and as a consequence, people in the cities appear to be losing themselves....

    Moving Image
  • Emotional Quotient 情商 2014

    Celia 张羽 Exchange of emotions is the most important form of interaction between people. Whether at work, in school or in everyday life, you communicate your emotions with others through language, tone of voice, your eyes and even hand gestures. ...

  • Mirror, Mirror on the Wall 墙上的魔镜 2010

    CHEN Junyi 陈骏一 I am working with the imagery of fireworks and mirrors in my piece. By doing so, I try to express that although there are a lot of things going on in a person’s life, it is still important to remember who one is. ...

  • Motherhood母爱

    Han Yifei 韩逸飞 I wish my work could be understood and appreciated by others, and to evoke empathy in some cases. ...

  • My Name-Wen 我的名字-文 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟The first word of my last name is “wen”, My father gave me this name because he hoped I would turn into an intelligent person to solve my own problem in life. ...

    Fine Art
  • The Best Gift for Our Childhood 致童年最好的礼物 2012

    XING Yiyin 邢译尹 I designed the packaging for the work of jewellery designer Zhang Qian. Her work is about her childhood memories of blowing bubbles....

    Visual Communication
  • 《Pearl Grain》《Billboard-Advertising》《Billboard-Trafficsigns》


  • 于佳鑫首饰设计作品集

    获得伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院首饰设计和相关产品设计本科OFFER 和伦敦艺术大学预科OFFER...

  • 7x7x7房子


    Interior Design
  • Variation 变幻 2014

    Fiona 郭晓枫 I have always been fascinated by nature’s abstract existence, as large as the universe to miniscule scale as microorganisms. Based on true stories and events that happened around me, I created the jewellery collection ‘Variation’ that features c...

  • Departure and Beyond 启程以后2013

    Li Bojun李伯钧 I experimented with packthread to discover various forms, colors and shapes that resembles emotions, relationships and memories associated with traveling....

  • 刘心璇MA建筑设计作品集


    portfolioArchitectural design
  • 珠宝的设计师品牌的现状以及它的发展前景

    Yang Shuyi 杨舒贻:我的研究方向主要是研究有关于关于珠宝的设计师品牌的现状以及它的发展前景。成功的经营一个品牌需要近90%的商业头脑,然而只需要10%的好审美。...

  • One Month in Shanghai 上海一月 2010

    HE Xu Rui 何旭蕊 I think August in Shanghai is really hot. When I see the shining sun, the colour red occurs to me. So, I printed a red coloured calender on a red t-shirt....

    Visual Communication
  • 《You》《Fake Gemstone》

    Leng Yixuan冷怡萱:熔化,折叠,镶嵌,连接,它给人们不同的视觉感官体验;每种材料都在讲述这不同的故事。它是一件艺术品和一种情感,每一件都代表着艺术家的灵魂。...

  • Relaxation

    Eva郭怡 Relaxation collection gives the wearers sense of relaxation. She used wood as primary material, which was influenced by traditional Chinese medicine tool and theory, such as cupping...

  • 《Lesion》《Cells》

    Zhan Xiaoxian 詹筱娴:首饰是一种自我的内心表达。我认为感觉本身是很难形容的,但首饰能够让你的感觉变的真实。...

  • Camouflage 保护色 2014

    Charlotte 陈雪飞 The concept of my work is camouflage. I was keen on searching the traces of animals and insects that can make themselves invisible in certain circumstances such as on leaves, in trees and under water, in order to hide from their natural pred...