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Ying Yuhan 应雨含

Foundation Fashion


Fashion design is a way to explain myself, I always to express my own ideas and my style to audience through my clothes. I would like to lead them to my fancy world and can get in touch with my work.

I created three collections in this year. The latest serious <Depression> which based on my own experience and I tried to use Fashion design to express my sad emotions. So, it was a personal directed project, but I hope my audience would understand “Depression” better with these self-healing article dresses. The other two collections were exploration and practice making skills of Fashion design. One was inspired by Cubism, specially from learned from Pablo Ruiz Picasso’s portrait painting. I transformed what I learned into textile, colour, shape and wearing methods of my clothes. The other was related with “Victorian Era”; this collection let me know what genuinely fashion is, what is a style I should handle, what the actual knowledge should learn.

I want to fashion to be my part of my life. It’s not only skillful subject but also a valuable self-explore journey.



我今年设计了三个系列。最新的的一个系列< Depression >是通过我的个人经历来使用服装设计表达我悲伤的情绪。因此,这是非常个人导向的项目,但我希望我的观众能够通过这些自我修复的艺术服装来理解“Depression”。我的另外两个系列是我对服装设计的探索和练习技巧。其中一个系列受到立体主义的启发,特别是来自Pablo Ruiz Picasso的肖像画启发。我将我学到的东西转化为服装的面料,颜色,形状和穿着方法。另一个系列与“Victorian Era”有关;这个系列让我知道真正的时尚是什么,我应该走的风格还有以后我想要学到的实际知识。



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    Betty 曲晓帆 The inspiration of my work is often associated with my own experiences and observations. And I hope that I can share this kind of feeling with public. ...

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    Hans 朱昊 The concept of my work is wings. Wings can take us to a higher place, transform us, and make our dreams come true. I researched into wings of mystical creatures and butterflies, and wish my pieces may bring people imagination and fantasies, taking...

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    Jenny黄嘉怡 I prefer the print work with single color and handicraft work. My first project is to make a poster for a famous brand, and I chose my favorite brand, CONVERSE....

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    Elle 邵陈佳婧 My work is about animal protection. Many people support, purchase and even worship animal products for their own vanity and personal interests, not knowing how much the animals have suffered through the process....

  • Fill 弥

    Feng Yuchun 冯宇纯 ‘Body cultivation’ is an important concept in both philosophy and Chinese medicine. It promotes the balance of yin and yang through carefully planned diets, enhances not only the health of our inner body, but also glorifies our ...

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  • I am Saury 秋刀鱼不是故意的 2011

    LIN Weiwei 林薇薇Inspired by the disasters in Japan this year, I combined the legend of the Little Mermaid with the results of nuclear radiation. I think that maybe in the real world, mermaids are just fishes, being mutated by radiation. ...

    Visual Communication