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《Patch of Memory》《Still》《Death of the Author》《Shape of Me》

Lyu Xixi 吕茜茜

Pre-MA Luxury brand Management


In order to learn how to have a keen eye for insight into how things evolve and Put forward my own opinions and suggestions in this objective analysis. In this project, I chose to discuss the topic of China's online celebrity economy as my research topic which I collect and classify data to understand China’s online celebrity economy, and I’ve come up with suggestions for this topic from research: In terms of creating online celebrities, they need to discover their own characteristics and be good at creating personal topics to attract consumers' attention. Gain interest in the means of realization mentioned above. At the consumer level, products produced under the online celebrity economy should improve the quality of the product itself so that it can continue to attract purchasing power.





  • Mend The Gap 修补差距 2013

    Xu LuoJun许罗君 My desire to investigate the boundaries between repulsion and attraction has led me to use woven textiles mending broken daily objects, and provide them with strong new life. Thus the series is entitled “Mend the Gap.”...

  • Straw 草物 2012

    LAO Zheng 劳铮 What drives my creativity is my fascination with different materials. I am particularly interested in finding eco materials and recyclable materials. I believe that there are enough materials in the world to design things with and we do not ...

    Product Design
  • Internal Scanning 内部扫描 2014

    Jack 王骁雄 I used fluorescent ink and motion sensor technology to show the difference between the intended message and the numbers that are actually typed in. By triggering the laser beam, the secrets and codes of this unique social networking phenomenon we...

    Fine Art
  • This is me 这是我 2014

    Jane 王思瑾 The combination of bramble and mimosa the sensitive plant, symbolizes my past as a person who is overly sensitive and defensive.I experimented with different scales of the basic circle, repeating it over and over to create a three-dimensional scu...

  • 《十个戒指》

    Shen Yang沈杨:我最想表达的事情是通过我自己的眼睛所看到的周遭的美丽。所以我希望我的观众能在我的作品中也发现这样的美。...

  • Vintage 摩登时光 2014

    Joanna 毛斯琪My work is about old memories. Duolun Road is a historical road located in Shanghai, and provided me with many inspirations. I combined copper pieces and old books to make my work and brought people back to the good old days....

  • Inside out

    Joanna徐诗佳 I use black which is my favourite colour as the main colour of most of my works. The topics and the concepts of my projects are quite different. ...

  • Variation 变幻 2014

    Fiona 郭晓枫 I have always been fascinated by nature’s abstract existence, as large as the universe to miniscule scale as microorganisms. Based on true stories and events that happened around me, I created the jewellery collection ‘Variation’ that features c...

  • Parasite 寄生虫 2012

    YANG Ziyi 杨子易 My work is inspired by parasites and the way they attach to their host. The creatures that I create are constantly in search for a new host to survive. ...

  • The thing behind events

    Shirley胡曦霖 As a jewellery designer I always combine my personal emotions with jewellery work. My father always trains me to think about ‘the thing behind events’ by playing games in my childhood. I choose jewellery design as my major, because it...

  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • Evolution进化

    Zeng Xin 曾鑫 Pre-BA Jewellery Design, I am fascinated by structures, and inspired by concepts in modern architecture. I used different combinations of geometric shapes to create space, the repetitive orders invokes a meditative atmosphere between ...

  • 它不会改变

    王东昊把一个房间放满了中国的政治标语。人们对这个空间给出了各种各样的答案。 但是对我而言,这些标语代表了“体制”,并时刻被它们包围。我们总有一种幻想,觉得高墙之外就会有自由。...

    Fine Art
  • My Name-Wen 我的名字-文 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟The first word of my last name is “wen”, My father gave me this name because he hoped I would turn into an intelligent person to solve my own problem in life. ...

    Fine Art
  • 上海野生动物园的视觉系统


    Visual Communication
  • Triangle 恐怖游轮 2013

    Zhu Aijing 朱艾婧 My work “City Builders” is a response to the topic ‘Spring Festival’. For this festival the majority of people in China return to their hometowns to be with their families. ...

    Visual Communication
  • 《Pearl Grain》《Billboard-Advertising》《Billboard-Trafficsigns》


  • I am Saury 秋刀鱼不是故意的 2011

    LIN Weiwei 林薇薇Inspired by the disasters in Japan this year, I combined the legend of the Little Mermaid with the results of nuclear radiation. I think that maybe in the real world, mermaids are just fishes, being mutated by radiation. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Sound Wave


  • Street Music Hall 街头音乐厅 2014

    Tracy 刘轩羽 I designed a space which can be used as an unplugged amplifier. It also provides a comfortable and private environment for the performers. ...

    Interior Design
  • Inside out

    Mia李刘泓 In my opinion, jewellery is a wearable sculpture, so up to now I emphasize on structure and wearability about all the works....

  • Xystas 2014

    Sedna 张知音 Jewellery brand, Xystas, focuses on specific customer groups, and uses independent design and precious metals as its core competence. We advocate nature and carefree lifestyles. ...

  • 7x7x7房子


    Interior Design
  • 《Mutant》《Blood Vessel》

    Wang Yidan 王奕丹:首饰是我感受世界的一种方式。当你身处极富张力的自然界中,有许多非常规的存在形态,而我喜欢从生物的视角出发捕捉这些自然形态的独特之处。...

  • 发光的亚克力首饰


  • Cloud Light 云 2013

    Ding Yue 丁悦 I have been exploring rice paper in combination with other organic materials to create eco-friendly products such as lamps and fans....

    Product Design
  • 《Wear Me》

    Zhang Hongfan 张洪:首饰是我的身体,情感甚至是我思维的衍生物,也是一种与观众分享和交流的方式。我的灵感来源于个人兴趣,就是在不可思议的游戏中获得不可预知的结果和惊喜。...

  • City!City? 城市 2012

    CHEN Siyu 陈思宇 In my work I want to express the rapid development of society. Urban construction is developing faster and faster and as a consequence, people in the cities appear to be losing themselves....

    Moving Image
  • 平面设计师将美丽带向世界

    创作视觉语言的交流的过程点燃了我的兴趣。埃德加 德加曾说过:“艺术不是你所看到的东西,而是你想让别人看的事物。“我非常愿意投身与视觉传达专业的学习与探索,创造一个不一样的...

    Graphic design
  • 手指餐具


  • Bye doubt 怀疑再见 2013

    Xie Yi谢意 I am making an iPhone app for ‘OCD’ sufferers. The app is for people with compulsive behaviors such as repeating and checking. I hope that my app will reduce these behaviors and the anxiety that they induce....

    Visual Communication
  • The Tenon of Love

    Brigitte王碧漪 Most of my design inspirations come from my life experience and historical background. By making narrative jewellery, I would like to recall the details of people’s lives which are forgotten little by little....