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Yang Yufei 杨雨菲

Foundation Fashion


Fashion, once merely known as something related to clothing, now becomes a significant symbol carrier of self-expression and self-realization. In these three collections, I want to use my works to show people a new way of communication with both others and them. 

The third project Project Me is the most representative collection for me. In this project, I chose the movie Cries and Whispers as my inspiration to talk about the ambivalent feelings in different kinds of relationships. This movie, set in the end of the 19th century, is about three sisters and a servant who struggle with the terminal cancer of one of the sisters. The servant is close to her, while the other two sisters confront their emotional distance from each other. Nowadays, everyone is too eager to be loved by others, but fail to know how to express their feelings. Ultimately, their relationship tends to be alienated and they start to blame each other. There is an inspirational scene in this movie where the main character (Thuli) takes off layers of her clothes and changes into pajamas, which is like us being wrapped in layers of constraint and finally can be real to face ourselves. Internal hiding and external extrusion are the main points of my design, so I decided to use layers of fabric to represent the external pressure and use the design of outside underwear to represent the real self that should be shown. I hope people can reflect on their own way of self-expression through my design and start to be brave to show the real self.



在我所有的作品中最具有代表性的是第三个项目《Project Me》。在这个项目中,我选择了电影《呼喊与细语》作为我的灵感来探讨人与人之间矛盾的情感关系。这个电影发生在19世纪末,讲述了三姐妹和一个仆人的故事。其中有一个姐妹得了癌症晚期,仆人很细心的照料她,但相反的,她的姐妹们却和她保持距离。正如同现在的人们一样,每个人都非常渴望被爱却不懂得如何去表达自己的情感。随之而来的是她们的关系越走越远,甚至开始彼此责怪。这个电影有一幕最令我印象深刻:主人公Thuli一层层的脱掉自己的外衣换上睡衣,就像我们脱去一层层的伪装最终直面真实的自己。因此,我选取’内部隐藏’和’外部挤压’作为我的主要灵感元素,并通过面料堆叠和内衣外穿的形式来表达这种感觉。我希望人们在看过我的作品后能够反思自己的情感表达方式,并勇于直面真实的自己。


  • I Change, Therefore I Am 我变故我在 2010

    WANG Yifei 王怡斐 For the project ‘I change, therefore I am’, I was looking for something that would actually change. The main inspiration for my thinking came from the human body, which is continuously changing, almost every second. ...

  • The dreams of my memory 别梦依稀 2014

    Isebella 夏星鹭 I’m a storyteller. Through my work, I want to tell what I saw and what I felt. My work is about my childhood memories, and things that have been lost in the past: a tree in the courtyard, window patterns, scented flowers, drying racks. ...

  • Bamboo Tea Package Design 竹茶包装 2012

    SHEN Fanqi 沈梵琪 I like drinking tea especially bamboo tea and have designed some packaging for this product. I wanted to market my product to younger people. I think that my generation is more concerned with environmental issues, therefore, I decided to ma...

    Visual Communication
  • Food waste 食物浪费 2014

    Amber 盛怡 My work is about food waste. Most people around me always waste food and I regret to see so much food being thrown away. I created a stop-motion animation targeting college students aged 18 to 24 years old, in order to campaign against food wast...

    Visual Communication
  • online jewellery industry

    Zhang Beibei 张贝贝:我认为现在对我来说是一个好的机会去用我自己的管理能力经营一个属于自己的企业。...

    luxury jewellery management
  • 可穿戴设备未来五年在中国的发展前景

    Jin Xinyi金心怡,My research aims to give an in-depth analysis of its background, markets, design trends, and also the different needs and desires from target users such as pet owners, travelers, sanitation workers and female evening runners....

    Design Management
  • Sound Wave


  • 《Wear Me》

    Zhang Hongfan 张洪:首饰是我的身体,情感甚至是我思维的衍生物,也是一种与观众分享和交流的方式。我的灵感来源于个人兴趣,就是在不可思议的游戏中获得不可预知的结果和惊喜。...

  • 《Fusion》《Bump》

    Yin Yijie 印逸洁:首饰可以是标志,故事或媒介。 我希望我的首饰不是一些象征性的物品,而是一个完整的思维过程和有挑战性的游戏。...

  • 面对金钱


  • 《You》《Fake Gemstone》

    Leng Yixuan冷怡萱:熔化,折叠,镶嵌,连接,它给人们不同的视觉感官体验;每种材料都在讲述这不同的故事。它是一件艺术品和一种情感,每一件都代表着艺术家的灵魂。...

  • 潘秋果首饰设计作品集

    作品集课程学员,申请伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院本科首饰设计和相关产品设计专业。 ...

  • Fusion

    Cora 程纯My jewellery work is about the changing process of people’s emotion such as, from strangers to friends, from lovers to domestic affection. ...

  • The thing behind events

    Shirley胡曦霖 As a jewellery designer I always combine my personal emotions with jewellery work. My father always trains me to think about ‘the thing behind events’ by playing games in my childhood. I choose jewellery design as my major, because it...

  • The Best Gift for Our Childhood 致童年最好的礼物 2012

    XING Yiyin 邢译尹 I designed the packaging for the work of jewellery designer Zhang Qian. Her work is about her childhood memories of blowing bubbles....

    Visual Communication
  • Wing from soul world 来自内心的翅膀 2014

    Hans 朱昊 The concept of my work is wings. Wings can take us to a higher place, transform us, and make our dreams come true. I researched into wings of mystical creatures and butterflies, and wish my pieces may bring people imagination and fantasies, taking...

  • Straw 草物 2012

    LAO Zheng 劳铮 What drives my creativity is my fascination with different materials. I am particularly interested in finding eco materials and recyclable materials. I believe that there are enough materials in the world to design things with and we do not ...

    Product Design
  • My Name-Wen 我的名字-文 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟The first word of my last name is “wen”, My father gave me this name because he hoped I would turn into an intelligent person to solve my own problem in life. ...

    Fine Art
  • Waste Sorting Q&A 垃圾分类Q&A 2010

    GAN Tiantian 甘田田 Waste Sorting Q&A is a small book of propaganda on the waste classification. The original idea of it is use the story form.Science knowledge will be reflected in the story....

    Visual Communication
  • 《Pearl Grain》《Billboard-Advertising》《Billboard-Trafficsigns》


  • Cat House

    MengLing王梦玲interior design decides the quality of people’s lives and the productivity of their work by the way of space arrangement. My works focus on the interaction between inhabitants and their living environment....

    Interior Design
  • Unconsciously & Mr. Happy


  • 它不会改变

    王东昊把一个房间放满了中国的政治标语。人们对这个空间给出了各种各样的答案。 但是对我而言,这些标语代表了“体制”,并时刻被它们包围。我们总有一种幻想,觉得高墙之外就会有自由。...

    Fine Art
  • 何伊凡动画设计作品集


    portfolioAnimation design
  • Gap

    Rachel刘蔚琪 I am really interested in the possibly generated relationship during the geometry, human and jewellery. I am also into designing some tiny deformation and fragmentary beauty on the jewellery, and make them become a highlight of it....

  • Personal VI

    Dragon丁浩龙The study of brand becomes the inspiration and the basic literacy for me to create a personal brand. As for a light-food brand, I hope to give consumers a comfortable brand image. ...

    Visual Communication
  • 张方立MA景观设计作品集


    portfolioLandscape design
  • Decay of Space 时空衰变 2012

    ZHANG Hangyuan张航媛 I try to convey the similarity between mold and social outcasts, such as drug addicts. The first reaction people tend to have to mold is to try to get rid of it, so when people see my work at first they might feel uncomfortable and want ...

  • Yellow River 黄河 2011

    The piece ‘Yellow River’ is inspired by the Yellow River, which flows through my home-town Xuchang. Xuchang is a very old city and is full of old typical Chinese houses with tile-rooftops. ...

  • Forest for Rest 森林-休息

    Chen Junhui 陈俊卉A piece of jewellery that manifests hope and desire, can also provide a getaway, an escape into your dreams. Jewellery is full of stories, fables, secrets and imagination....

  • Secret Space 秘境

    Chen Xiaoyi 陈小艺 Jewellery is my faith. It not only carries our emotions, thoughts, experiences and memories, but also gives us power, courage and confidence. It could even be a hiding ‘place’, or a companion to rely on. ...

  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....