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马韫祺 首饰设计 本预
潘琳烨 首饰设计 本预

Vicky Miao is a fashion designer. She is passionate about exploring herself and her life, being eager to share these feelings with the audience. For an introverted person, fashion design is a way to display herself, because garments are unspoken language to show the ideas that are not easily noticed by people in an exposed but subtle way.

The work <Quirks> tells a story about the eccentricity forms unconsciously in Vicky's life. Based on observations, these quirks include childhood memories and unconscious preferences. Vicky Miao is eager to express herself through clothing, rather than speaking straightforwardly in language to the audiences. She uses variety making skills in this work which come from the story. For example, the idea of processing by the plastic packaging machine comes from the memory of sealing nougat packaging.

Vicky Miao’s observation of her life never stops. The inspiration of <Life being erased> comes from the dialogue between her relatives which caused by the lack of understanding of Alzheimer's disease. Her shock at the time prompted her to make this work. She exposed the patient's illness on her garments, allowing the audience to see the illness more intuitively.

Vicky Miao hopes that the audiences can see a complete her through her works, so she uses unique creation as a medium to convey observation and feelings based on daily life.


Vicky Miao是一位时尚设计师。她热衷于探索自己和日常生活,并渴望把心得与感悟分享给她的观众。对于一个性格内敛的人来说,通过设计服装是她的一种自我的展示,因为服装作为一种无声的展示语言,把被人忽视的细节展现出来。

比如作品《怪癖》就讲述了Vicky生活中不知不觉形成的古怪行为。基于对自己生活的观察,这些怪癖包含了童年的记忆和无意识的喜好。Vicky Miao 渴望通过服装作品来表达对自己的了解,而不是以语言的方式直白的讲述。所以,她运用到的各式各样的制作方法大多都源于生活的经历。例如,塑封机处理的想法来源于封牛轧糖包装的记忆。


Vicky Miao希望看她的观众可以从她的作品中看到一个完整的她,所以她使用独特的创意方法作为表达她对日常生活观察和感受的最好媒介。


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  • The dreams of my memory 别梦依稀 2014

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  • Wing from soul world 来自内心的翅膀 2014

    Hans 朱昊 The concept of my work is wings. Wings can take us to a higher place, transform us, and make our dreams come true. I researched into wings of mystical creatures and butterflies, and wish my pieces may bring people imagination and fantasies, taking...

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  • Vintage 摩登时光 2014

    Joanna 毛斯琪My work is about old memories. Duolun Road is a historical road located in Shanghai, and provided me with many inspirations. I combined copper pieces and old books to make my work and brought people back to the good old days....

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    首饰对于Xiaoyan Rong来说是一种将不同的个体连接在一起的桥梁。虽然说每个人都是不同的,但世界万物都是相通的,人们可以透过别人的生活来回忆起自己曾经经历过的事。...

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    创作视觉语言的交流的过程点燃了我的兴趣。埃德加 德加曾说过:“艺术不是你所看到的东西,而是你想让别人看的事物。“我非常愿意投身与视觉传达专业的学习与探索,创造一个不一样的...

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  • My Name-Xu 我的名字-旭 2010

    HE Xurui 何旭蕊 This project is a design for my name. The first word of my name is "xu" that means the rising of the sun. I want to record the dawn so that I took a series of pictures of the sunrise as my material. After that, I made another material which i...

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  • Mouth and Nose 口和鼻 2013

    Xu Runping徐润平 There are different ways bacteria and illness can be transmitted, I chose to use food and mouth, pollen and nose to show how closely our body is exposed to them in everyday life....

  • Parasite 寄生虫 2012

    YANG Ziyi 杨子易 My work is inspired by parasites and the way they attach to their host. The creatures that I create are constantly in search for a new host to survive. ...

  • Personality-Tough 人性系列-坚强 2011

    HUANG Jianing 黄嘉宁 The ‘Tough’ series is based on the idea of different people having different personalities. For me, one important characteristic in the personality of a human being is the display of strength....

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  • 潘琳烨 首饰设计 本预


  • 7x7x7房子


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