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Yang Guang 杨光

Pre-BA Fashion Business and Promotion



I have researched the traditional craft of ‘indigo’, which is still being practiced in small areas. After experiencing different methods of indigo, I have come to realize its appeal and attraction, and produced interesting indigo products.



本次我做的是“ indigo” (蓝染)的研究,它是一种十分古老的传统技术到现在仍被小范围使用,尝试不同的蓝染染色方法之后,使我渐渐体会到蓝染的无限魅力,并做出有趣的蓝染物品。



  • One Month in Shanghai 上海一月 2010

    HE Xu Rui 何旭蕊 I think August in Shanghai is really hot. When I see the shining sun, the colour red occurs to me. So, I printed a red coloured calender on a red t-shirt....

    Visual Communication
  • 保健产品在中国市场的品牌与产品开发策略研究


    Design Management
  • 刘心璇MA建筑设计作品集


    portfolioArchitectural design
  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

  • Imprints 痕迹 2012

    ZHANG Xin 张欣 My work is influenced by the traces left by people in their daily lives. My jewellery preserves this just like a fossil can preserve the remains of a prehistoric organism. ...

  • Bird 鸟 2012

    XU Ruiqing 徐瑞卿In my work I want to encourage the viewer to produce less waste, to be more environmentally aware and to protect wildlife....

    Moving Image
  • My Name-Wen 我的名字-文 2010

    LIN Wensu 林文粟The first word of my last name is “wen”, My father gave me this name because he hoped I would turn into an intelligent person to solve my own problem in life. ...

    Fine Art
  • Street Music Hall 街头音乐厅 2014

    Tracy 刘轩羽 I designed a space which can be used as an unplugged amplifier. It also provides a comfortable and private environment for the performers. ...

    Interior Design
  • 《Patch of Memory》《Still》《Death of the Author》《Shape of Me》

    Liu Yu 刘瑜:当你不自觉将我们的身体带入到我的作品中时,你可能会发出疑问 – 到底是我们装饰了首饰还是首饰装饰了我们?...

  • Fill 弥

    Feng Yuchun 冯宇纯 ‘Body cultivation’ is an important concept in both philosophy and Chinese medicine. It promotes the balance of yin and yang through carefully planned diets, enhances not only the health of our inner body, but also glorifies our ...

  • Parasite 寄生虫 2012

    YANG Ziyi 杨子易 My work is inspired by parasites and the way they attach to their host. The creatures that I create are constantly in search for a new host to survive. ...

  • Xystas 2014

    Sedna 张知音 Jewellery brand, Xystas, focuses on specific customer groups, and uses independent design and precious metals as its core competence. We advocate nature and carefree lifestyles. ...

  • The Best Gift for Our Childhood 致童年最好的礼物 2012

    XING Yiyin 邢译尹 I designed the packaging for the work of jewellery designer Zhang Qian. Her work is about her childhood memories of blowing bubbles....

    Visual Communication
  • My Name-Xu 我的名字-旭 2010

    HE Xurui 何旭蕊 This project is a design for my name. The first word of my name is "xu" that means the rising of the sun. I want to record the dawn so that I took a series of pictures of the sunrise as my material. After that, I made another material which i...

    Visual Communication
  • Food waste 食物浪费 2014

    Amber 盛怡 My work is about food waste. Most people around me always waste food and I regret to see so much food being thrown away. I created a stop-motion animation targeting college students aged 18 to 24 years old, in order to campaign against food wast...

    Visual Communication
  • 可穿戴设备未来五年在中国的发展前景

    Jin Xinyi金心怡,My research aims to give an in-depth analysis of its background, markets, design trends, and also the different needs and desires from target users such as pet owners, travelers, sanitation workers and female evening runners....

    Design Management
  • 《Mutant》《Blood Vessel》

    Wang Yidan 王奕丹:首饰是我感受世界的一种方式。当你身处极富张力的自然界中,有许多非常规的存在形态,而我喜欢从生物的视角出发捕捉这些自然形态的独特之处。...

  • Internal Scanning 内部扫描 2014

    Jack 王骁雄 I used fluorescent ink and motion sensor technology to show the difference between the intended message and the numbers that are actually typed in. By triggering the laser beam, the secrets and codes of this unique social networking phenomenon we...

    Fine Art
  • 李杨MA建筑设计作品集


    portfolioArchitectural design
  • Inside out

    Joanna徐诗佳 I use black which is my favourite colour as the main colour of most of my works. The topics and the concepts of my projects are quite different. ...

  • Fold 折·哲 2014

    Coco 陈盼盼 My design inspiration comes from the art of origami – paper folding. In search of a new way to create DIY products, I alter people’s understanding of traditional mass production, and replace it with an intimate hands-on experience....

    Product Design
  • Shanghai Series 上海系列 2011

    In my opinion, there are too many high-rise buildings in Shanghai. Sometimes, I get the impression that the number of skyscrapers has exceeded the level of public tolerance. In some cases, those buildings can be a real threat to city living, since they ca...

    Visual Communication
  • 《Project Me》

    Yang Yufei 杨雨菲:对我而言,服装不仅仅是一个跟衣服有关的词语,现在也变成了一个人们用来自我表达和自我实现的重要媒介。我希望通过这三个系列的服装作品向人们展示一种人与人之间的...

    fashion design
  • Crossover cooperation business model research


    Design Management
  • Vintage 摩登时光 2014

    Joanna 毛斯琪My work is about old memories. Duolun Road is a historical road located in Shanghai, and provided me with many inspirations. I combined copper pieces and old books to make my work and brought people back to the good old days....

  • 潘秋果首饰设计作品集

    作品集课程学员,申请伯明翰城市大学珠宝学院本科首饰设计和相关产品设计专业。 ...

  • A visual identity for my own brand EG

    Jenny黄嘉怡 I prefer the print work with single color and handicraft work. My first project is to make a poster for a famous brand, and I chose my favorite brand, CONVERSE....

    Visual Communication
  • Evolution进化

    Zeng Xin 曾鑫 Pre-BA Jewellery Design, I am fascinated by structures, and inspired by concepts in modern architecture. I used different combinations of geometric shapes to create space, the repetitive orders invokes a meditative atmosphere between ...

  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • “糖果色”与“快时尚品牌“

    Gu Xinying 顾欣颖:我的研究核心是去探索什么样的产品能更受到消费者的欢迎,并据此推测出未来的流行趋势。通过不断的学习与理解,我相信时尚产业应该更加关注用户的行为模式,用户审美...

    Fashion Management
  • Sims 罪 2014

    Joyce 阮圆 Seven deadly sins represent corrupted emotions that grow from the heart, and I choose to use fractals and the human body to depict the abstract concepts of the seven sins....

  • Forest for Rest 森林-休息

    Chen Junhui 陈俊卉A piece of jewellery that manifests hope and desire, can also provide a getaway, an escape into your dreams. Jewellery is full of stories, fables, secrets and imagination....