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AIVA Students Portfolio Gallery
  • A Stick of Incense(一柱香)


    Product Design
  • Fold 折·哲 2014

    Coco 陈盼盼 My design inspiration comes from the art of origami – paper folding. In search of a new way to create DIY products, I alter people’s understanding of traditional mass production, and replace it with an intimate hands-on experience....

    Product Design
  • Cloud Light 云 2013

    Ding Yue 丁悦 I have been exploring rice paper in combination with other organic materials to create eco-friendly products such as lamps and fans....

    Product Design
  • Straw 草物 2012

    LAO Zheng 劳铮 What drives my creativity is my fascination with different materials. I am particularly interested in finding eco materials and recyclable materials. I believe that there are enough materials in the world to design things with and we do not ...

    Product Design
  • 0910 Shanghai Bus 0910上海巴士 2010

    ZHOU Jiaqi 周家琦 Along with the development of Shanghai metro networks, bus networks will be changed subsequently. Short distant metro linking lines will probably be the trend of Shanghai bus lines in the future. 0910 is designed for this trend....

    Product Design
  • Magnetic Assemble Toy 磁力拼装玩具 2011

    Qiu Tian 秋天The wooden house toy is designed for children and adult users alike, in order to assemble building stuctures. The hidden built-in magnets enable the user to connect and link the single parts of the toy and any location. ...

    Product Design