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I did three projects in total, which are <The research of Hanfu industry in the Chinese market>, <Urban Autism> and <Constant and changeable ballet shoes>. <The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market> is my main project in the first term, while <The research of the business value of vlog in jewelry industry in China> is my main project in the second term. 

I combined the quantitative analysis method and the qualitative analysis method in my study. In the study of <Constant and changeable ballet shoes> and <Urban Autism>, I mainly focused on the qualitative analysis method, while in the study of <The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market>, I mainly used the quantitative analysis method. The reason why I chose to study <The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market> is that Hanfu is really popular in recent years. Meanwhile, Ziqi Li’s YouTube vlog has also brought Hanfu to the hottest topic in the world in 2019. 

In the project <The research of the business value of vlog in jewellery industry in China>, I only used the qualitative analytical method, because I thought the qualitative analytical method suits more for this program through my previous study and practice in last semester. Moreover, the jewellery is a kind of pricy product, which cannot be earned by everyone for the target market in China. The novel coronavirus caused people to stay at home, which also changed the way of people’s consumption and affected the operation of lots of physical store. Therefore, I chose to do this research to find a solution for this situation.


我一共做了3个课题,分别是<The research of Hanfu industry in the Chinese market>,<Urban Autism> and <Constant and changeable ballet shoes>。<The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market>是我上个学期的主要的课题,而我下个学期的主要课题是<The research of the business value of vlog in jewelry industry in China>。

在我的研究中,我主要采用定性分析与定量分析灵活结合的方式。在<Urban Autism> 和<Constant and changeable ballet shoes>的研究中,我主要采取了定性的研究方式。而在 <The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market> 的研究中,我主要采取了定量的研究方式。我选择<The research of Hanfu industry in Chinese market>作为上学期的主要研究项目主要是因为汉服是近年来很火热的一个话题。同时,在2019年,李子七的视频又重新把汉服带成了全世界最火的话题。

在<The research of the business value of vlog in jewelry industry in China>的研究中,我只采用了定性的分析方式,因为通过了上学期的学习和实践,我认为这个项目更适合只用定性的分析方式。因为珠宝属于价格较高的产品,并不是每个中国市场上的人都是目标群体。新冠病毒导致大家都不能出门,这改变了很多人的消费方式,也影响了很多实体店的经营。所以想选择这个主题来做研究看看是否能够有解决办法。


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    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

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