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陈亭羽 视觉传达 本预
高若彤 首饰设计 本预

Business in our life is constantly changing. Some factors can be controlled that we can use them as methods to lead the consumer, while some of the factors that cannot be controlled may change the markets. Therefore, it is very important that we should analyze the information and adjust the methods in time. The huge information which the internet gives us, brings us more chance, more convenient data collection and analysis.

In my first project, I did a research about the ‘Starbucks cat claw cup’ event. In the ‘Starbucks cat claw cup’ event, the media hype and the virtual-high price are the factors that can be controlled. So, I tried to find the reason why so many consumers want to buy that cup; why the price can be increased tenfold and what is the reason behind this consuming behavior in my project.

In my second project, I explored the issue about the environment problem of food package. The pace of city life is becoming more and more rapid. With the development in the take-out food industry, ‘eco-friendly products’ has become a heated theme again. Two years ago, two biggest take-out food companies in China launched an environmental project, but they did not spark any big changes. So, I tried to find out what is the main reason that caused the obstruction of the promotion of the eco-friendly packaging. Is it material, technology or awareness?

My third project was inspired by the epidemic which was happened in the early 2020. During this severe plague, a lot of foodservice industry has taken a hit. Many companies began to develop new products to survive. Except for human beings, pets have been suffering in this epidemic too, especially the outdoor pets. And there is always some discussion about pets’ security. I think pet business is a trend. So, what kind of pet is suitable to our life? What should we notice when we keep pets and how can we spread the knowledge to the owners? Based on these questions, I have my own subject <Research on App for Cat Novice>.

The design of products is aiming to give better solutions to the problems that already happened in our life. However, how to apply the solution to our real life is still a problem.








  • 皮婧淇 首饰设计 本预


  • Vintage 摩登时光 2014

    Joanna 毛斯琪My work is about old memories. Duolun Road is a historical road located in Shanghai, and provided me with many inspirations. I combined copper pieces and old books to make my work and brought people back to the good old days....

  • 潘以扬 首饰设计 本预


  • Inside out

    Joanna徐诗佳 I use black which is my favourite colour as the main colour of most of my works. The topics and the concepts of my projects are quite different. ...

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  • 杨欣沂 服装设计 本科预科


    fashion design
  • 滕泰 首饰设计 硕预


  • Variation 变幻 2014

    Fiona 郭晓枫 I have always been fascinated by nature’s abstract existence, as large as the universe to miniscule scale as microorganisms. Based on true stories and events that happened around me, I created the jewellery collection ‘Variation’ that features c...

  • Sound Wave


  • 刘子湉 首饰设计 本科预科


  • 缪舒凡 服装设计 本预


    fashion design
  • HIDE

    Becca高佳琪to obtain a new visual effect, I decided to use three-dimensional way to present two-dimensional patterns. This time, I made the picture book for 2-4-year old children. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Green Bag 环保袋 2011

    Women born in the 80’s are today’s new generation of career women. But after having been busy at work all day, those women still need to do housework and care for their families. Therefore, I conducted research on the food market environment, consu...

  • 《Surreal but Real》《Satellite Collection》


    Graphic design
  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

  • I am Saury 秋刀鱼不是故意的 2011

    LIN Weiwei 林薇薇Inspired by the disasters in Japan this year, I combined the legend of the Little Mermaid with the results of nuclear radiation. I think that maybe in the real world, mermaids are just fishes, being mutated by radiation. ...

    Visual Communication
  • 《The library》


    Interior Design
  • 裴荻泱 奢侈品品牌管理 硕预


    luxury brand management
  • Yellow River 黄河 2011

    The piece ‘Yellow River’ is inspired by the Yellow River, which flows through my home-town Xuchang. Xuchang is a very old city and is full of old typical Chinese houses with tile-rooftops. ...

  • Cloud Light 云 2013

    Ding Yue 丁悦 I have been exploring rice paper in combination with other organic materials to create eco-friendly products such as lamps and fans....

    Product Design
  • KURIA Studio清-空间

    Liu Xinxuan 刘心璇Three spaces were created under the concept of ‘slow’. They presented the motion of slowing down as well as the physical form of time. I used these principles to design my studio as the concept coincides with the way I work. ...

  • Magnetic Assemble Toy 磁力拼装玩具 2011

    Qiu Tian 秋天The wooden house toy is designed for children and adult users alike, in order to assemble building stuctures. The hidden built-in magnets enable the user to connect and link the single parts of the toy and any location. ...

    Product Design
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  • 《Pearl Grain》《Billboard-Advertising》《Billboard-Trafficsigns》


  • My Name-Xu 我的名字-旭 2010

    HE Xurui 何旭蕊 This project is a design for my name. The first word of my name is "xu" that means the rising of the sun. I want to record the dawn so that I took a series of pictures of the sunrise as my material. After that, I made another material which i...

    Visual Communication
  • 邢河 MA Fine Art 作品集


    Fine Art
  • 刘晓霏 首饰设计 本预


  • 《Peep》《Shy Sex》《Silence》《Trans》

    Jiang Xinlu 江芯露:艺术是一座表达的桥梁,我可以通过这座桥梁用各种各样的材料和方法去向人们去表达我的想法。在这一年的学习里,我通过我的作品讨论了不同的主题也实验了不同的想法。...

    Fine Art