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蔡兴源 首饰设计 硕预(0/0)



卞雨田 服装设计 本预
蔡盈盈 视觉传达 本预

The author gets her inspiration from the relationship of people, the family life and the personal space. Therefore, she becomes interested in exploring the delicate relationship between man and woman. Using jewellery as a medium has given her deep understanding and meditation in the process of creation and material experimentation. In the time of using jewellery to express close relationship, she also tried to remind the wearers to respect people, to give our partner enough personal space, which is also very important for long-term relationships.

Her inspiration comes from the home quarantine during the novel coronavirus epidemic and she is enlightened by the relationship of being together with her family. She gained more feelings through reading, which led her to get new inspirations in the material experiment. She hopes to convey her inspiration and enlightenment to more people in the form of jewellery.





  • 赵佳薇 首饰设计 硕预

    她认为首饰是佩戴者身份和归属的语言象征。 她注重艺术中的民主性。 她致力于观众参与探索的艺术形式,使首饰在设计中更具功能意义。 她的作品也可以是有互动性的工具。 ...

  • 刘春晨 设计管理 硕预


    Design Management
  • 喻梦瑶 首饰设计 硕士预科


  • Mend The Gap 修补差距 2013

    Xu LuoJun许罗君 My desire to investigate the boundaries between repulsion and attraction has led me to use woven textiles mending broken daily objects, and provide them with strong new life. Thus the series is entitled “Mend the Gap.”...

  • 陈平帝 视觉传达 硕士预科


    Visual Communication
  • 建筑开启了我与其他人沟通的方式

    Wu Jiaying 吴佳颖:建筑之所以对我意义非法,是因为在我开始我的旅程之前,你可以用日语单词“OTAKU”来描述我的个性(这是对那些有强迫性兴趣并且总是关闭公共社交的人的贬低)。然而建...

  • Triangle 恐怖游轮 2013

    Zhu Aijing 朱艾婧 My work “City Builders” is a response to the topic ‘Spring Festival’. For this festival the majority of people in China return to their hometowns to be with their families. ...

    Visual Communication
  • Unhealthy Beauty 不健康的美 2011

    JI Yanyu 季彦妤In the Rococo period, the corset made up an essential part in women’s fashion. Women liked to wear corsets in order to shape their bodies. ...

  • Bless on the street corner 街角的祝福 2014

    Leaky 陈力祺 “One could have many pets in a lifetime, but a pet may only have one owner.” Through my video I wish to bring public attention and awareness to the issues of stray animals, in order to initiate discussion, movement and action on how to protect t...

    Visual Communication
  • My Name-Xu 我的名字-旭 2010

    HE Xurui 何旭蕊 This project is a design for my name. The first word of my name is "xu" that means the rising of the sun. I want to record the dawn so that I took a series of pictures of the sunrise as my material. After that, I made another material which i...

    Visual Communication
  • 《Re-born》《Precious》《Original》


  • Shanghai Series 上海系列 2011

    In my opinion, there are too many high-rise buildings in Shanghai. Sometimes, I get the impression that the number of skyscrapers has exceeded the level of public tolerance. In some cases, those buildings can be a real threat to city living, since they ca...

    Visual Communication
  • 面对金钱


  • 杨梓懿 插画设计 本科预科


  • 卞雨田 服装设计 本预


    fashion design
  • 叶之璇 首饰设计 硕预


  • 7x7x7房子


    Interior Design
  • Secret Space 秘境

    Chen Xiaoyi 陈小艺 Jewellery is my faith. It not only carries our emotions, thoughts, experiences and memories, but also gives us power, courage and confidence. It could even be a hiding ‘place’, or a companion to rely on. ...

  • Street Music Hall 街头音乐厅 2014

    Tracy 刘轩羽 I designed a space which can be used as an unplugged amplifier. It also provides a comfortable and private environment for the performers. ...

    Interior Design
  • Fantasy Memory 幻想的记忆 2011

    XU Wenting 徐雯婷 Every human being has fantasies. The fantasies from when one is little vary and change over time when one becomes an adult. If those fantasies do not find a way to enter reality, they transform into memories or keep developing in different ...

  • 《Patch of Memory》《Still》《Death of the Author》《Shape of Me》

    Liu Yu 刘瑜:当你不自觉将我们的身体带入到我的作品中时,你可能会发出疑问 – 到底是我们装饰了首饰还是首饰装饰了我们?...

  • 吴清漪服装设计作品集


    portfoliofashion desig
  • 蔡宣耀 服装设计 本科预科


    fashion design
  • Fall asleep

    董芷苓认为首饰设计是将记忆与感受具象化的过程。首饰不仅仅是装饰物还是记录我情感历程的工具,它像相册一样让人值得珍惜。 ...

  • 杨玟心 首饰设计 硕士预科


  • Mold 霉 2012

    BAO Yangyi 鲍杨艺 I explore these natural forms by experimenting with different materials such as balloons, nail varnish and glass. I use glass to emulate laboratory equipment such as Petri dishes as they are originally used to cultivate bacteria and fungi....

  • Bird 鸟 2012

    XU Ruiqing 徐瑞卿In my work I want to encourage the viewer to produce less waste, to be more environmentally aware and to protect wildlife....

    Moving Image
  • 葛歆建筑设计作品集


    portfolioArchitectural design
  • Burnish, Present of Time 抛光,时间的礼物 2012

    TANG Xiyang 唐希阳The series entitled "Burnish" is inspired by a Japanese movie called ‘Whisper of the Heart’. Like the girl in the movie, I think people are all like rough stones with inner talents that have not yet been explored....

  • Broken破碎之后

    Hong Yu洪雨 The inspiration of my work came from the incident of breaking the teapot which I treasured for the past 10 years. I want to capture the fear for unknown future misfortunes...

  • online jewellery industry

    Zhang Beibei 张贝贝:我认为现在对我来说是一个好的机会去用我自己的管理能力经营一个属于自己的企业。...

    luxury jewellery management
  • 陈亭羽 视觉传达 本预


    Visual Communication