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Louis Keiflin 动画设计 作品集(0/0)



高芷盈 首饰设计 硕预
卞雨田 服装设计 本预

Born in Japan in 2002, I became interested in animation at a very early age. Since then, I have developed a real passion for animation design, and I have always been fascinated by the integration of cultural elements inside the characters. 

I started to discuss the universality of animation. Firstly, I started to draw the character and developed the body elements. Secondly, I use the sketch to create a real character. I thought a lot of questions while I was designing, like will my created character obey the laws of physics such as gravity, force or motion? Which power will my character need to accomplish his mission? 

For me, animation is also related to historical or cultural elements and it can be very beneficial so as to raise awareness among the audience. Meanwhile, I believe the role of animation is to educate and entertain. 





  • Untitled无题

    Gu Zhe 顾喆 I see jewellery as poetry. They are both unique and expressive of personal experiences and subtle feelings from our hearts, as if striking a chord without any words....

  • Ink 墨 2012

    XU Honglu许红璐 My work comes from my interest in ink and water. I am inspired by traditional Chinese ink paintings because they are free and flowing in style. As well as ink my work is also influenced by Chinese pottery....

  • 保健产品在中国市场的品牌与产品开发策略研究


    Design Management
  • 焦点 首饰设计 硕预


  • Body Language


  • 钱颖玮 服装设计 本预


    fashion design
  • Wing from soul world 来自内心的翅膀 2014

    Hans 朱昊 The concept of my work is wings. Wings can take us to a higher place, transform us, and make our dreams come true. I researched into wings of mystical creatures and butterflies, and wish my pieces may bring people imagination and fantasies, taking...

  • Yellow River 黄河 2011

    The piece ‘Yellow River’ is inspired by the Yellow River, which flows through my home-town Xuchang. Xuchang is a very old city and is full of old typical Chinese houses with tile-rooftops. ...

  • Mend The Gap 修补差距 2013

    Xu LuoJun许罗君 My desire to investigate the boundaries between repulsion and attraction has led me to use woven textiles mending broken daily objects, and provide them with strong new life. Thus the series is entitled “Mend the Gap.”...

  • Growing丛生

    Liang Zhixuan 梁芷瑄I used felt, fabric and metal to express emotions and relationships. The softness of felt and fabric, combined with the sharp edges of metals show the contrast and harmony, together with the abstract forms and shapes...

  • Mouth and Nose 口和鼻 2013

    Xu Runping徐润平 There are different ways bacteria and illness can be transmitted, I chose to use food and mouth, pollen and nose to show how closely our body is exposed to them in everyday life....

  • Waltz 华尔兹 2013

    Zhu Tailong 朱泰龙 A single note isn’t interesting, but after creating and forming into chords and melodies, it becomes music. Similarly, one piece of metal may not be appealing nor beautiful, but after manipulation and combining several pieces toge...

  • Relaxation

    Eva郭怡 Relaxation collection gives the wearers sense of relaxation. She used wood as primary material, which was influenced by traditional Chinese medicine tool and theory, such as cupping...

  • Eyes Under the Sea 深海之瞳 2013

    Cheng Shenglin成圣临 I make jewellery inspired by both sea animals and human body. Through my work I wish to show the interdependent relationship between sea and human beings, and my yearning of returning to the source of life....

  • Fall asleep

    董芷苓认为首饰设计是将记忆与感受具象化的过程。首饰不仅仅是装饰物还是记录我情感历程的工具,它像相册一样让人值得珍惜。 ...

  • Magnetic Assemble Toy 磁力拼装玩具 2011

    Qiu Tian 秋天The wooden house toy is designed for children and adult users alike, in order to assemble building stuctures. The hidden built-in magnets enable the user to connect and link the single parts of the toy and any location. ...

    Product Design
  • Parasite 寄生虫 2012

    YANG Ziyi 杨子易 My work is inspired by parasites and the way they attach to their host. The creatures that I create are constantly in search for a new host to survive. ...

  • 《杭州客户高级定制珠宝产业现代管理》


    Design Management
  • 徐贝怡 首饰设计 硕预


  • Personality-Tough 人性系列-坚强 2011

    HUANG Jianing 黄嘉宁 The ‘Tough’ series is based on the idea of different people having different personalities. For me, one important characteristic in the personality of a human being is the display of strength....

  • online jewellery industry

    Zhang Beibei 张贝贝:我认为现在对我来说是一个好的机会去用我自己的管理能力经营一个属于自己的企业。...

    luxury jewellery management
  • 面对金钱


  • KURIA Studio清-空间

    Liu Xinxuan 刘心璇Three spaces were created under the concept of ‘slow’. They presented the motion of slowing down as well as the physical form of time. I used these principles to design my studio as the concept coincides with the way I work. ...

  • 公主


  • 机械迷城


  • 珠宝的设计师品牌的现状以及它的发展前景

    Yang Shuyi 杨舒贻:我的研究方向主要是研究有关于关于珠宝的设计师品牌的现状以及它的发展前景。成功的经营一个品牌需要近90%的商业头脑,然而只需要10%的好审美。...

    luxury jewellery management
  • Burnish, Present of Time 抛光,时间的礼物 2012

    TANG Xiyang 唐希阳The series entitled "Burnish" is inspired by a Japanese movie called ‘Whisper of the Heart’. Like the girl in the movie, I think people are all like rough stones with inner talents that have not yet been explored....

  • Reincarnation 他生 2013

    Yang Ziyi杨子易Reincarnation is a series of work exploring the relationship among the maker, wearer, viewer and jewellery. The maker creates; the wearer infuses memory and emotions...

  • The Tenon of Love

    Brigitte王碧漪 Most of my design inspirations come from my life experience and historical background. By making narrative jewellery, I would like to recall the details of people’s lives which are forgotten little by little....

  • 《Colour》《Rain》


  • 武艳 首饰设计 硕预


  • 高若彤 首饰设计 本预