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王懿杨 室内设计 本科预科
周怡希 时尚管理 本预


在学习建筑设计的过程中,我认识到不同人群对于建筑的需求和定义是不一样的,同样建筑也需要兼顾时代的需求来变化。作品《Breathing Space》。先期我通过调查CBD人群当下生活的态度和工作、生活等需求,最后结合当下才全球疫情因素。我希望可以使建筑形式更加多样化,而不是单一的形势。通过这几年的一些亲身经历,现在的建筑设计,一部分人群不愿去做创意性的变革,而是在大环境下去进行单一的复制。单纯的钢架、玻璃大楼,同时给人造成很大的视觉疲劳。使艺术进步缓慢。




对我而言,建筑设计最大的乐趣是在过程的调研。留意日常生活中的细节,关注时代的变化和需求,留意周围的人、事、物…… 并思考自己的观点,抓住灵感的出现,同时把自己代入其中,最后确定将自己的想法实现。




I like to make the building close to the natural life, and then into their own and the people around the experience of architectural design.

In the process of learning architectural design, I realize that the needs and definitions of architecture are different among different people, and the same architecture also needs to take into account the needs of the times to change. Breathing Space》. of Works By investigating the attitude and work and life needs of CBD people, I finally combined the global epidemic factors. I hope that the form of architecture can be more diversified than a single situation. Through some personal experiences in recent years, some people do not want to make creative changes, but to make a single copy in the general environment. Simple steel frame, glass building, at the same time cause great visual fatigue. Make art progress slow.

One of the books I've read, The 100 Possibilities of Future Architecture, changed many of my traditional ideas. Before I, also will only simply single copy, modify other people's buildings. Not good at creating their own things. Now I should boldly seek more breakthroughs, in this ordinary single architectural environment, so that people can see more possibilities of architecture.

In my opinion, contemporary architectural design as a social development, the bearing of human needs can be explained some of my views, but my design is no longer limited to the definition of traditional architecture. Therefore, my art design is to explore more social phenomena and modern architecture under the basic concept and demand. Considering that architecture is also rigorous, I think every part of architecture should be considered comprehensively. The various types of materials I use in my work and the design of the surrounding landscape are fully combined with various needs.

My work not only discusses the needs of people and the factors of the surrounding environment, but also considers what kind of building can make people more safe and better relaxed in a tense environment. So I used indoor greening landscape, so that vegetation can better release oxygen, and through a large number of glass transparent, into the sun. Also can in the crowded environment, very convenient to come outside to breathe fresh air.

For me, the greatest pleasure in architectural design is in process research. Pay attention to the details of daily life, pay attention to the changes and needs of the times, pay attention to the people, things, things around... And think about their own views, grasp the emergence of inspiration, at the same time put themselves into it, and finally determine their own ideas to achieve.

The charm of contemporary architecture lies in eternity, which is not only material but also spiritual. No matter concept, technique, material or local culture application, should be without limitation. I do not like certain types of work fixed in the present, it should be pure, true, unreserved expression of my current interests, emotions and views. Such as the work "home of Nakano town ", not people-oriented architecture is not a good building. The emotion that human beings place on architecture greatly affects the design of architecture, does not fully consider the human factor, according to their own mind design, in a sense can be said to be a failed work. Therefore, I make the building indoor and outdoor fully combined with people to express the understanding of the building.

I should pay attention to the power of thought, look at architecture in the future, break the traditional mode, combine the needs of people, environment, social and so on skillfully, give people a new experience. Do the design that human needs, do the design that oneself likes.


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  • Sims 罪 2014

    Joyce 阮圆 Seven deadly sins represent corrupted emotions that grow from the heart, and I choose to use fractals and the human body to depict the abstract concepts of the seven sins....

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    ZHANG Hangyuan张航媛 I try to convey the similarity between mold and social outcasts, such as drug addicts. The first reaction people tend to have to mold is to try to get rid of it, so when people see my work at first they might feel uncomfortable and want ...

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