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滕泰 首饰设计 硕预(0/0)



孙诗茹 首饰设计 本预
王睿 首饰设计 本预

My art practice is using visual language to discuss some social phenomenon or to explore what jewellery is in contemporary context. For example, in my recent work The Price, I discuss an abnormal and uncontrolled phenomenon to the increase in price of the epidemic prevention products. I protrude the violence premium prominently with an exaggerated artistic technique. The material is based on the same view by using virus of low density and expandable foam; by dyeing, expanding, shaping and solidifying, I combine the foam and the prevention products together to receive the expected visual effect.

Secondly, in the series of The Ruins, I hope to break the inherent view of jewellery wearing with a jewellery piece that do not be expected to be worn. By maintaining the fragility of cement, the cement block will be abraded while the wearer pick it up or mean to wear it, which achieve the effect above.





  • Wounds of Lament 殇•殁 2014

    Elle 邵陈佳婧 My work is about animal protection. Many people support, purchase and even worship animal products for their own vanity and personal interests, not knowing how much the animals have suffered through the process....

  • Bless on the street corner 街角的祝福 2014

    Leaky 陈力祺 “One could have many pets in a lifetime, but a pet may only have one owner.” Through my video I wish to bring public attention and awareness to the issues of stray animals, in order to initiate discussion, movement and action on how to protect t...

    Visual Communication
  • Shanghai Series 上海系列 2011

    In my opinion, there are too many high-rise buildings in Shanghai. Sometimes, I get the impression that the number of skyscrapers has exceeded the level of public tolerance. In some cases, those buildings can be a real threat to city living, since they ca...

    Visual Communication
  • 《Re-born》《Precious》《Original》


  • 机械迷城


  • I Change, Therefore I Am 我变故我在 2010

    WANG Yifei 王怡斐 For the project ‘I change, therefore I am’, I was looking for something that would actually change. The main inspiration for my thinking came from the human body, which is continuously changing, almost every second. ...

  • Green Bag 环保袋 2011

    Women born in the 80’s are today’s new generation of career women. But after having been busy at work all day, those women still need to do housework and care for their families. Therefore, I conducted research on the food market environment, consu...

  • 沈苏皖 视觉传达 本预


    Visual Communication
  • 宋之然平面设计作品集


    portfolioGraphic design
  • Waste Sorting Q&A 垃圾分类Q&A 2010

    GAN Tiantian 甘田田 Waste Sorting Q&A is a small book of propaganda on the waste classification. The original idea of it is use the story form.Science knowledge will be reflected in the story....

    Visual Communication
  • Fusion

    Cora 程纯My jewellery work is about the changing process of people’s emotion such as, from strangers to friends, from lovers to domestic affection. ...

  • Package Design for Return “回归”包装设计 2012

    MAO Zihan 毛紫涵 The series of packaging was designed in response to a series of brooches by jewellery designer Yang Qiuyu. Her work was inspired by her hometown of ‘HuZhou', which is famous for fish. She uses fish scales and resin to make brooches that can...

    Visual Communication
  • 中国网红经济

    Lyu Xixi 吕茜茜:我收集了相关数据并且进行分类,通过这些数据来了解中国的网红经济。并且从研究中得出了这个关于主题的建议...

    luxury brand management
  • 黄义洺 首饰设计 本预


  • 朱馨仪MA动画设计作品集


    portfolioAnimation design
  • Waltz 华尔兹 2013

    Zhu Tailong 朱泰龙 A single note isn’t interesting, but after creating and forming into chords and melodies, it becomes music. Similarly, one piece of metal may not be appealing nor beautiful, but after manipulation and combining several pieces toge...

  • Motherhood母爱

    Han Yifei 韩逸飞 I wish my work could be understood and appreciated by others, and to evoke empathy in some cases. ...

  • Indigo蓝染

    Yang Guang 杨光,I have researched the traditional craft of ‘indigo’ which is still being practiced in small areas. After experiencing different methods of indigo I have come to realize its appeal and attraction and produced interesting indigo ...

    fashion design
  • Visual Angel 视角

    Dong Minyuan 董敏媛 I yearn to live, to observe and experience everything that nature has to offer. I love to feel life, the life that has happened, existed, that is happening existing, are all sources of my inspiration....

  • 7x7x7房子


    Interior Design
  • 《Patch of Memory》《Still》《Death of the Author》《Shape of Me》

    Liu Yu 刘瑜:当你不自觉将我们的身体带入到我的作品中时,你可能会发出疑问 – 到底是我们装饰了首饰还是首饰装饰了我们?...

  • 陈亭羽 视觉传达 本预


    Visual Communication
  • 新的奢侈品牌开发,定制珠宝服务

    Qiu Shiwei 裘世玮:我的主要研究核心是“新的奢侈品牌开发,定制珠宝服务”。调研的整个研究过程基于我对奢侈品和珠宝行业的理解,以及基于大量的基础研究数据,问卷和访谈数据。...

    luxury brand management
  • 刘晓霏 首饰设计 本预


  • 上海野生动物园的视觉系统


    Visual Communication
  • Growth 成长

    Di Shiqi 狄诗琦 I think static and unchangeable objects are unexciting. People often ask me why I am inspired by toys to make jewellery pieces? I wish my jewellery could be playful and enjoyable as children’s toys....

  • 手指餐具


  • Bird 鸟 2012

    XU Ruiqing 徐瑞卿In my work I want to encourage the viewer to produce less waste, to be more environmentally aware and to protect wildlife....

    Moving Image
  • 刘春晨 设计管理 硕预


    Design Management
  • Decency风化

    Wang Zhecong 王哲聪My inspiration mainly comes from nature: astrological orders, botanical growing patterns, rock erosions and so on. These natural phenomena bring me an alternative point of view to the world around us, and I realized how amazingly d...

  • 杨昊霖


  • 《Impulse》《The discarded》《Vinegar= Blood》